For 1 to 3 players on local co-op:

A driver operates a car while picking up and delivering packages between addresses in the neighborhood of Ryd, Linköping, Sverige. Delivering packages earns the player(s) money.

To know were to go, a map reader needs to make use of the supplied map, either printed or viewed on another device of choice.

In the meantime, the components of the car are breaking down and need to be replaced by a mechanic. To do this, the mechanic needs to purchase new components from a shop. Different combinations of equipped components may result in different additional effects on the car. Components can only be installed in the car in specific spots, e.g. engines can only be installed in the engine spot.

Made during Global Game Jam 2020, on the LiU Game Jam site, based on the theme Repair.




Accelerate | W
Decelerate | S
Steer left | A
Steer right | D
Flip car | R
Force-quit game | Alt+F4 [NOTE: Not in the browser version!]

Xbox 360 controller

Accelerate | Right trigger
Decelerate | Left trigger
Steer left/right | Left thumb stick



Browse shop | Scroll wheel in shop
Purchase component | Left click in shop 
Select component in slot | Left click in inventory
Move selected component to slot | Left click in inventory after selection


Axel Karlssonprogramming, component effects
Axel Nordanskogprogramming, UI (inventory, equip)
Erik Mansénprogramming, component effects
Frans Skarmanprogramming, 3D modelling (environment, car), level design, car physics
Joel Johnssonprogramming, component effects
Joel Oskarssonprogramming, UI (shop, equip graphics), component sprites, component effects
Mattias Jenvaldprogramming, 3D modelling (buildings), level design, component effects

The 60 CC0 Vegetation textures pack by rubberduck was used for the tree leaves under the CC0 license.


Map of Ryd.pdf 604 kB
Game + Map (Windows) 25 MB
Game + Map (Linux) 30 MB
Game + Map (OS X) 26 MB

Install instructions

The map is required and is therefore included in the game downloads for all operative systems. When playing directly in the browser, the separate Map of Ryd.pdf download should be used.


1) Download the Windows version
2) Extract United States of Car
3) Open Map of Ryd.pdf
4) Run United States of Car Components.exe


1) Download the Linux version
2) Extract
3) Open map-of-ryd.pdf
4) Run united-states-of-car-components.x86_64


1) Download the OS X version
2) Extract
3) Open Map of Ryd.pdf
4) Run

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