A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Similar to Plants vs Zombies.
Assemble ghouls to stop those pesky humans from breaking into your castle.

Looks nice but will crash eventually unfortunately.
UPDATE 4 h post deadline: Fixed! Hopefully...

Made during Spring Game Jam 2020, organized by LiU Game Jam, based on the theme Ghoul Reassembly.

Playing instructions

Assemble a ghoul by adding available body parts (starting with a body) to the summoning circle by clicking on a part before clicking on the summoning circle.

When a ghoul is fully assembled, you can place it on the battlefield grid by clicking on it before clicking on a free grid slot.

A ghoul is fully assembled when the body has all possible parts attached to it, i.e. head, arms and legs for each body type except from horse bodies which don't support arms.

When you feel ready, press [SPACE] to start a human attack wave.

You can move ghouls to other free grid slots at any time through clicking.


Axel Nordanskogprogramming, 2D sprites, 2D animation
Emil Segerbäckprogramming, 3D modelling
Erik Mansénprogramming
Frans Skarmanprogramming, 3D modelling, 3D animation, VFX


Windows 14 MB
Linux 16 MB
OS X 15 MB

Install instructions


1) Download the Windows version
2) Extract SomeNecromancyRequired.zip
3) Run SomeNecromancyRequired.exe


1) Download the Linux version
2) Extract some-necromancy-required.zip
3) Run some-necromancy-required.x86_64

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