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Go on dates and master the language of love! And send off you offspring to war to defend the forest.

In this two-player online co-op game one of you takes on the role of Tower Defenser playing a tower defense game using tree conscripts to defend the forest against never-ending waves of lumberjack gnomes.

The other player takes on the role of the Dating Simulator playing a dating sim as they match promising trees together to create stronger trees that can be brough to the battlefield.


Since the v0.2 patch there can now exist multiple instances of the game at the same time! Just enter the same room name as your friend on startup and you can play together!

For the initial v0.1 version

Only two people globally can play this version of the game at the same time. No more, no less! To restart the game session, all players globally must exit the game.

Made during Global Game Jam 2023, on the LiU Game Jam site, based on the theme Roots.


Axel Nordanskogprogramming (TD enemies & networking), UI
Erik Mansén programming (TD trees & networking)
Fredrik Öhlinconcept
Måns Möller
2D art
Nils Folker3D art & 3D animation
Samuel Björk music
Valdemar Wadströmerprogramming (dating & genetics), UI, 2D animation


v0.2 Patch - Windows 32 MB
v0.2 Patch - Linux 31 MB
v0.2 Patch - OS X 41 MB
v0.1 - Original game jam release 32 MB

Install instructions


1) Download the Windows version
2) Extract RootinForYou-Win-v0.2.zip
3) Run Rootin' For You.exe


1) Download the Linux version
2) Extract RootinForYou-Linux-v0.2.zip
3) Run rootin-for-you.x86_64


1) Download the OS X version
2) Extract RootinForYou-OSX-v0.2.zip
3) Run RootinForYou.app

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