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Rabbit Rampage

Your village is under attack!

As the local village rabbit, it is your duty to protect the villagers from raiding soldiers coming every night. But you only have the strength to do so while in your nightly black monster form, using carrots supplied by the villagers as disposable weapons.

But even in monster form, a local village rabbit is too weak for the never-ending onslaught of raiders. You need to grow stronger! And for that you need to devour the human flesh of your very own villagers. Luckily they reproduce at sunrise!

You need to balance the villager population so you can grow stronger, while still maintaining carrot production. How many nights can you last before the village population has succumbed to the raiding forces?

Made during Global Game Jam 2022, on the LiU Game Jam site, based on the theme Duality.

Playing instructions

  • Collect carrots to use for attacks. Carrots are dropped by villagers sporadically.
  • Collect flesh from villagers to grow stronger. Villagers drop flesh on death.
  • Kill soldiers at night when you're black. This uses up carrots.
  • Body block remaining soldiers during the day as you wait for the night.

Keyboard Controls

Movement | WASD
Attack  | Space (Can only be done at night)
Restart game | R


Antonia cover image
Axel Nordanskogprogramming
Kevin Larsson Alm programming, graphics
Thea Carlqvistsound effects


Windows 17 MB
Linux 18 MB
Mac 36 MB

Install instructions


1) Download the Windows version
2) Extract Rabbit Rampage.zip
3) Run Rabbit Rampage.exe


1) Download the Linux version
2) Extract rabbit-rampage.zip
3) Run rabbit-rampage.x86_64


1) Download the Mac version 
2) Open/Run Rabbit-rampage.dmg 
3) Open/Run the app Rabbit Rampage

To solve the issue caused by us not being notarized/identified developers, you will have to:

4) Navigate to Preferences
5) Make sure to be on the default page General
6) Look in the bottom of the window for the text that says something along the lines of found the program rabbit rampage from unidentified developers and click the button on the right titled Open Anyway

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