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Frisbee in the Middle

Throwing frisbees to your dog in the park? ... NOT ON MY WATCH!!!

Ruin the day for all parkgoers in your local park, and their dog, by stealing the frisbees they throw  before they reach the dog och the ground. The trouble you cause has not gone noticed however so the police will come to get you eventually. Make sure to ruin as much fun as possible before that point.

Made during Spring Game Jam 2021, organized by LiU Game Jam, based on the theme Friendly Frisbee.

Featuring a, for this jam, very topical penguin.

Playable both in VR and without VR!

Playing instructions

Catch as many frisbees as possible before the time runs out and the police arrive. Use your dog treats (limited supply) to lure away the dog from the frisbees temporarily.

Standard Controlls

Movement | WASD
Sprint | Hold Shift
Catch frisbee | Space
Throw dog treats | Q

VR Controlls

Catch frisbee | Trigger
Throw dog treats | B

Axel Nordanskog programming (catching), modelling (player), texturing (parkgoer, player, dog)
Charlie Simonssonprogramming (game state, UI, player movement), environment
Emil Segerbäck programming, modelling (frisbee, parkgoer, treat), texturing (frisbee), animation (parkgoer, dog), music
Frans Skarman programming (frisbees, parkgoers), VR-support
Rosanna Zimdahl
sound, modelling (penguin), menu backgrounds
Spiegelprogramming (dog, treats), modelling (dog)

Install instructions


1) Download the Windows version
2) Extract Frisbee in the Middle.zip
3) Run Frisbee in the Middle.exe


1) Download the Linux version
2) Extract frisbee-in-the-middle.zip
3) Run frisbee-in-the-middle.x86_64


Windows 61 MB
Linux 64 MB

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