Conga Line Heroes

Ain’t no party like a conga line party!

Lead a dashing party of adventuring heroes along a one-dimensional corridor full of perils for fame and glory using position-based real-time combat!

Fight your waves through as many waves of enemies as possible and be preparred for the inevitable boss waves.

Made during Fall Game Jam 2020, organized by LiU Game Jam, based on the theme Distance Plain.

Playing instructions

Only interaction is clicking a hero to make it swap position with the one in front. The positioning of a hero determines what ability it can use.

A new wave will spawn when all enemies, traps, chests and pickups of the previews waves have been defeated/destroyed or passed the party.

In the downloadable desktop versions, press [ESC] to exit the game.


Any position: Performs melee attacks with increased knockback.


First position: Heals individual party members (uses up a mana charge).
Second or last position: Casts ranged fireballs.
Any position: Restores mana charges over time and do slight knockback.
Has 3 mana charges.


Last position: Throws ranged throwing knives.
Any position: Performs melee attacks with slight knockback, unlock chests and disarm traps.

Chests and pickups

Chests can be opened by the Thief to reveal pickups that affect heroes as they walk past them.
Health Potion:  Heals heroes
Mana Potion:  Restores mana charges
Cat Fairy:  Resurrects and fully restores dead heroes health and mana.


Deal damage unless disarmed by the Thief.

For full details on heroes, pickups, traps and enemies, see the downloadable Detailed Stats document below.


Axel Karlssonprogramming, voice acting, level design
Axel Nordanskogprogramming
Erik Mansénprogramming
Linnéa Nordblom2D art
Tobias Pettersson3D art and animation

Pre-made sound effects

"QUICK_SMASH_003.wav" by JoelAudio
"Door_Unlocking.wav" by IPaddeh
"sword swing" by spycrah
"Fireball Cast 1" by LiamG_SFX
"Fireball" by qubodup
"Sword 4.wav" by CpawsMusic
"Arrow.wav" by EverHeat
"Magic spell heal bright bell brid reverb.wav" by ryusa
"Bear Trap" by ThePriest909

Install instructions


1) Download the Windows version
2) Extract Conga Line
3) Run Conga Line Heroes.exe


1) Download the Linux version
2) Extract
3) Run conga-line-heroes.x86_64


1) Download the OS X version
2) Extract
3) Run

Detailed Stats

1) Download the PDF or Markdown document.
2) Open in your preferred viewer.


Windows 36 MB
Linux 38 MB
OS X 35 MB
Detailed Stats PDF (contains spoilers) 31 kB
Detailed Stats Markdown (contains spoilers) 2 kB

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