A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

(Online multiplayer up to 8 players)

Enter the arena and get to the center to gain wealth and watch your opponent's hordes disappear!

This game will last for three rounds. Each round looks like this: 

1) Shop new monsters. 

You can buy as many as your bank will allow. You can arrange their formation by dragging them using your mouse around the spawning grid.

2) Fight with your monsters. 

Or more like, let them fight for you as this is an auto battler.

Get emotional as you see mayhem unfold. 

Maybe all your units died. Maybe some survived and will resume the fight next round Maybe you forgot to buy units and are happy to find out that you gained some consolation money to spend on better monsters next round anyway.


Axel Nordanskog     
Dino Likić2D art
Erik Mansénprogramming
Markus GrejerRoman consultant
Thea Carlqvistprogramming

with assistance from

Jacob Törnberg Zeinetz programming
Valdemar Wadströmer3D art


v1.2 Windows 325 MB
v1.1 Windows 325 MB
v1.1 OS X 332 MB

Install instructions


1) Download the Windows version
2) Extract the .zip file
3) Run CageFight.exe


1) Download the OS X version
2) Extract the .zip file
3) Run CageFight_Mac.app

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